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What To Look For In A Home Inspector

When you buy a home you will need to hire a home inspector to perform a home inspection on the property to make sure the home is in good condition, and doesn’t haven’t any major problems. I always advise my clients to make sure they get a home inspection as this is the only way to have assurance that they are buying a property that won’t cost them thousands down the road. Sometimes my clients want to make a firm offer on a home without any conditions but that doesn’t mean you can have a home inspector come through the property before you make the offer.

Most sellers will have no problem in allowing you permission to have the home inspected especially in the case where sellers have set a time when offers will be presented. Sellers do this in order to create a bidding war and in most cases like this, firm offers are what will win in multiple offer situations. So if you encounter a situation like this make sure your agent requests permission to perform a home inspection before you make your offer.

Real Estate 101

Watch this episode of my show Real Estate 101 where I interview top home inspector Allan Spisak of A.C.I.S.S. Home Inspections where he explains what to look for in a home inspector.

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